Top 7 Requirements for Picking Social Casinos

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How important is the venue for your gaming sessions? Horses for courses, so they say. Athletes tend to have their favorite tracks, fields, surfaces, or environments. So, it makes sense that social casino fans have specific preferences for social gaming sites. Today’s expose reveals seven important selection criteria for a site. Let’s get going! 

Pick a reputable social casino

Reputation is everything in the virtual gaming arena. Sticking with credible sites recommended by players and professional reviewers is important. As experts in the gaming arena, we recommend that players read social casino reviews for insightful commentary on the pros and cons of each platform. Pick a name you can trust and enjoy the games on offer.

Know the differences between social casinos and traditional online casinos

Social casinos differ markedly from traditional online casinos. A social casino site is geared towards social gaming with player interaction, gold coins (GCs), and free-to-play entertainment. Regular online casinos require licensing and real-money gambling. The best social casinos offer free daily bonuses, tournaments, package deals for purchase, and the like. You don’t need to gamble at a social casino; that’s the domain of traditional online casinos. Interestingly, the minimum required age for social casinos is 18+, three years younger than the mandatory 21+ at many licensed online casinos.

Choose a mobile-friendly platform

Not every social casino is cut from the same cloth. Some are better than others. Mobile-optimised platforms are best in class, offering high-definition visuals, 3D graphics, and casino-style audio on the go. Mobile-friendly platforms are geared towards gaming on the go, with quick-click access to slots, card games, table games, and instant-win games.

Game selection matters – quality and quantity

Social casino players enjoy plenty of variety during their gaming sessions. Social casinos are renowned for their slots, notably classic slots with three reels and limited paylines, interactive video slots, and jackpot slots.

A fair number of table games are available, including blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and craps. Many of the world’s premier software providers work with social casinos and online casinos, the difference being no real money gambling takes place with social casinos. As a rule, it’s best to pick operators with multivendor platforms and plenty of games.

Gold coin packages

Players have several options for purchasing gold coin packages. Social casinos do not require deposits or purchases upfront. Since players are rewarded with gold coins for bonus offers, ongoing promotions, and tournaments, GC purchases are additional. However, it is always best to select sites offering affordable packages tailored to your budget.

Use strategy for specific casino games

Many players wrongly assume that no strategy is required for slots, card games, table games, or other games. However, at the very minimum, good budgeting skills are a must. The better you manage your budget, the longer you can play your favorite games. RTPs and house edges are important concepts with social casino games. The higher the return to player, the better the long-term statistical win rate.

It’s preferable to pick slots, card games, and tabletop games with high RTPs since the house edge is lower. Of course, there’s always strategy-based games like blackjack, certain bets in craps and baccarat to employ. With the right strategies, you can reduce the house edge in blackjack to as little as 0.5%. It’s also possible to pick a better roulette variant, such as European or French Roulette, with player-friendly odds of 2.70% or 1.35%. You can save more GCs over the long term that way!

Check out the social aspects

Remember that social casinos are 100% social. It’s all about sharing news of your wins, experiences, or preferences with other players. You can easily do this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, YouTube, and other social media channels. That’s the beauty of social casinos—you get to mingle with the crowds.

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