Phillies Ban Sports Radio Legend From CBP For Inappropriate Behavior To Female Employee

The Philadelphia Phillies have banned Philadelphia sports radio legend, Howard Eskin, from Citizens Bank Park for the rest of the season, as per the Philadelphia Inquirer.

As per the Philadelphia Inquirer, an investigation found that Eskin made an unwanted advance toward a female Aramark employee in May.

According to Philadelphia Inquirer sources, an Aramark employee accused the 73-year-old Eskin of giving her an unwanted kiss at the ballpark, which resulted in an investigation.

Audacy the parent company of WIP-FM and Eskin’s employer issued a statement saying, the company takes these matters very seriously.

Audacy iniated the idea of the ban. It is time for the company to due the right thing and terminate Eskin ‘s employment with them.

If they truly take these matters seriously, then do the right thing remove him the company. This is an inexcusable action by Eskin.

The fact that Audacy is keeping him on the air, is a absolute joke. The station told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Eskin will remain on the air at the station, where he occasionally appears part time and is the sideline reporter for the station for Eagles games.

Eskin was reportedly sitting in the exclusive area behind home plate when the incident happened.

Philadelphia Sports Talk Radio station 94.1 WIP has become unlistenable. The radio hosts are a bunch of hot takes people.

Now with their stance on keeping Howard Eskin in their employment is another reason that after being a 35 year listener I am done with the station.

I guess the self righteous loudmouth, who always says that “I’ve never had a bad day,” has finally had one.

94.1 WIP, you have no stones. This is a bad look for your station and “brand”.

Philadelphia Sports Radio Personality Howard Eskin. Photo courtesy of Gilbert Carrasquillo, Getty Images

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