Japan Humiliates USA in Football: Pat McAfee Outraged!

Pat McAfee is livid after the US Under-20 football team suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Japan in a sport invented by Americans. Japan steamrolled their way to victory, winning 41–20 and securing a spot in the gold medal final.

Historically, Team USA has been a dominant force, participating in the last five gold medal games. Past standouts include NFL stars like Mac Jones, Jonathan Taylor, Jordan Poyer, and Chase Young.

Given the talent from previous teams, such a lopsided loss is inexcusable.

Pat McAfee Unleashes Fury on Team USA

McAfee didn’t hold back, suggesting that issues with NIL money or player compensation might have contributed to the loss. He vented,

“We’re talking about a pretty good alumni, and then all of a sudden, the first time I see them playing football, they’re getting their a**es beat by Japan in an American football tournament. We named the game!”

Former NFL linebacker A.J. Hawk pleaded with McAfee to stop showing the game footage, pointing out the American players’ poor technique and positioning. Such mistakes could be overlooked if they were isolated incidents.

However, Japan’s four rushing touchdowns, including a 69-yard run by Taisei Urushibara, highlight major issues in the Americans’ situational awareness. By the time the Americans managed to score a touchdown, Japan had already put up 27 points.

McAfee also questioned the decision to exclude college football players under the age of twenty from the team.

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