I Went To 8 Mile And This Happened | Location Of Trailer Park And What Happened

Everyone knows who Eminem is and you also more than likely know what 8 mile is or have an idea. Eminem lived in 8 mile but not in the trailer court where the movie is filmed – but I went to his childhood house and also went over to where the movie was filmed.

Location Of The Trailer Park:

20785 Schultes Ave, Warren, MI – Continental Mobile Home Community

Trailers From Movie Aren’t There:

If you go to the trailer park you’re going to wonder where he shot the film and especially which trailer it was. Well – it was none of them. Eminem didn’t actually live there and the trailers that they used in the movie? They were bought there for the movie and then later moved out.

Location Of His Childhood House:

19946 Dresden St, Detroit, MI 48205

Did I Feel Safe?

Honestly. Yeah. I didn’t go too late at night but it was almost evening. The trailer court? It honestly felt a little sketchy at first but it was almost welcoming and it felt comfortable. There is only like five or six trailers that have people living in them and the rest are all abandoned. It’s weird how much times have changed.

I felt safe for the most part at his childhood house spot. Just like the trailer park – it wasn’t too late. Some vehicles were driving by quickly because I’m sure they knew what I was there for. To just checkout where an all time great was living as a child. No, the house isn’t there anymore. That was torn down already.

If you are looking for more of the filming locations, click here.

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