Zodiac Killer Has Been Identified Before The FBI Has Found Brian Laundire #brianlaundrie

Written by schultzyca

Investigators say they have finally ID’d the Zodiac Killer, who cares? It is funny that these ‘investigators’ have finally cracked the cold case on the Zodiac Killer before they have even located Brian Laundire’ whereabouts.

Crazy right? Not really the FBI only finds who they have a vested interested in finding they can give a shit about Laundire because he is not a national security threat or they have not label him a ‘threat to the public’ plain and simple.

The only thing that is wild too me is that Ted Cruz is not the Zodiac Killer and it turns out some schmuck named Gary, how lame.

Seriously this piece of shit Brian Laundrie needs to be found. I am sick of talking about him and Gabby deserves her justice.

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