Zion Williamson’s Baby Mama Can Throw A Punch – Had A Wardrobe Malfunction During A Recent Fight

Written by BasketballBooGhan

New Orleans Pelicans superstar forward Zion Williamson announced that he’s going to be a father later this year after a baby reveal party video surfaced on social media earlier today.

The gender reveal party was simple but wholesome. It was revealed that Williamson will be having a baby daughter. Little is known about Zion’s baby mama. 

However, a video between two women fighting has been circulating since April and multiple verified accounts have confirmed that Zion’s baby mama is the one in blue in the fight below.

She’s also seen doing a split on a table while doing a ‘dance’ for a podcast. 

As usual, the social media peeps had a field day about Williamson’s announcement. 

Based on the fight his baby mama had a few months ago, this is a woman guys don’t mess around with. How she met the Pelicans superstar is a mystery. While New Orleans won’t meddle with the personal affairs of their players, they better offer guidance for  Zion with this one.

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