Zion Williamson Will Be A Knick Soon Enough Calls Madison Square Garden His “Favorite Place To Play”

Zion Williamson gushing at a reporters question when asked about his first experience playing at the legendary Madison Square Garden just about seals the deal for him being a Knick in the next two years. If you don’t believe me just listen to how giddy he gets when talking about the Mecca.

I mean you can just tell by this interview how much Zion wants to be a Knick it unbelievable. Don’t forget that on the NBA Lottery night Zion got up immediately when the Knicks got the third pick because it was heavily rumored that he wanted to be a Knick very badly, and who can blame him?

He is a huge talent and is national covered every night in a terrible market in New Orleans think about all the endorsements he is loosing out on because he his not in New York. He would be covered ten times more if he was in New York and he would have every major company endorsing him if he was in the biggest market on Earth. Thats a fact that can’t be debated.

Also, this Knicks team is trending in the right direction, they have a great young roster, a tremendous duo in Julius Randle and RJ Barrett and lastly a great front office. What makes everything better is the simple fact that RJ and Zion are best friends and this would be a match made in heaven. See you in two years Zion! We already love you in New York.

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