Zion Williamson was probably paid in benefits that are against NCAA rules. But seriously, who cares?

Gina Ford ramps up claim that Zion Williamson received money to attend Duke and was “permanently ineligible” to be a student-athlete; in new court filing, she opposes granting judgment to Zion, and says discovery is needed from Duke and Coach K on ‘pay-to-play’ issue.


Who cares? I certainly don’t.

I’m sure Zion and his family did receive impermissible benefits to attend Duke.

I’m sure we all assumed he did when he played at Duke.

Why wouldn’t Zion and his family take a nice car, house, and maybe some cash? Worst case scenario he becomes ineligible and can’t play in college and becomes the #1 overall pick in the NBA, right?

I have no idea, I’m not a lawyer (as R. Kelly’s attorney reminded me):

Maybe he stands to lose a lot more. What do I know.

I’m sure this law suit will lead to another Coach K back injury that prevents him from testifying in court.

Either way, I don’t know that this will ever stop NCAA schools from making these types of offers. There was too much to gain and not much to lose. With the NCAA now (kind of? I think?) allowing student athletes to receive endorsement money this may be less of an issue in the future.

I can’t wait for real sports to return so I can blab about that, instead of this.

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