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“Zillion Beers” Hits $1M in Merchandise Sales; Dana B & Keegan Murphy – A Rough N’ Rowdy PREVIEW

Written by Will

It’s safe to say that Dana B is “Living the High Life” this Valentine’s Day Evening. What a week for him – a simple idea that has taken the world by storm. And to have the kind of night that he’s been having? Talk about the American Dream.

For those of you curious, the chick is Kara. A proud member of the #BillsMafia.

Dana B has been parading his great idea of “Zillion Beers” to the world. Merchandise has been going through the roof at Barstool Sports. Dave Portnoy (El Pres) made an offer to Dana B to sell a million dollars worth of merchandise – and in return would receive $100K. Dana B is planning on donating $15K of his $100K that he wins to Pete Frates & ALS in the Boston Marathon. Everyone all over social media can’t help but root for this guy – he’s hit the jackpot all around.

And then this guy shows up:

Apparently Keegan & Kara go way back. But it got messy and to the point that Kara blocked Keegan on just about everything – social media, texting, you name it.

I smell another great money maker coming from out of nowhere…

And as all of this drama was unfolding, Dana B hit his one million dollar in sales.

Dana B, way to go. And I can’t wait for the fight.

For those of you still wanting to get your hands on some “Zillion Beers” merch, you can do so by clicking here:

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