Zack Britton And Aaron Boone Are Assholes

Written by schultzyca

No nice way to put this, Zack Britton is an asshole and so is Yankees Manager Aaron Boone. I knew Boone has been an ass wipe for a while now but Britton becoming an asshole hurts because I like him.

Britton obviously shit the bed blowing The Field of Dreams game getting two quick outs and then giving up the walk and then giving up the homer to Tim Anderson. Apparently Zack went up to Boone and told him he shouldn’t close anymore because other guys deserve the opportunity.

Boone clearly get this message because in the bottom of the 10th he almost blew this game walking the bases loaded in a 7-5 game. Britton got bailed out by Albert Abreu who recorded his first career save. My question is who fells like the bigger douche, Britton or Boone.

The Yankees season has been filled with dickheads and absolute ass wipes and I would not have been shocked if the Yankees lost this game. They are literally the most confusing team in the MLB, are they good are they bad? No one knows, all I know is this will make one hell of a World Series DVD at the end of the season because if they won the World Series I actually wouldn’t be shocked.

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