Zach Wilson’s Mom Is Being Trashed By The Internet For Defending In-N-Out Burger

Written by austenlange

As many have found out through this last year Zach Wilson’s mother can be quite a handful. So far she has made more headline news for her actions than her son who was just drafted #2 overall, but I still love this woman.

I know, I know, of course I love the hot blonde mother. NO SHIT, but that’s not all I enjoy about this woman. She seems to have this sort of reckless abandonment when it comes to her feelings and standpoints on certain current affairs. She never backs down and always will post a long IG story to inform the world on how she feels. Whether her insight and scope on life is accurate or not I don’t really care. I just love a woman with some balls on her.

Lisa Wilson has once again made her way into the news cycle by showing her support for the fast food chain In-N-Out Burger. The issue her isn’t her taste in burgers, its the fact that the chain is currently under fire for one location in San Francisco that is refusing to abide by the mandate set by the city. This mandate states that restaurants have to check each customers vacination card before they are allowed to step foot into their establishment. Well, Mrs. Wilson doesn’t agree with that, and decided to pledge her allegiance to the fast food chain.

Again I love her for standing up for what she believes in. However, the internet absolutely despises this woman.

I mean, no need for any name calling here. It really does suck that Zach’s name get’s dragged into this whole mess of things. However, dude’s got a pretty hot mom.

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