YouTube to Remove Dislikes From Vides

Written by Noah Gagnon

It was announced today that YouTube will be removing the ‘dislike’ count from all videos. They said they’re doing this to stop bullying and hate and something or something like that, and honestly, I’m for it.

When you have a giant counter of hatred on the video, you’re basically begging people to start hating and ganging up on the content. There are kids out there making YouTube videos who are stressing out because everyone can see how many people dislike their videos, and now they won’t have to worry. I always hated how it was anonymous too, it just gave people the opportunity to shit on videos with no consequence whatsoever, there’s just not a need for it.

But, if you are one of the trolls who love to get a dislike party going, you can’t do that anymore, but, the comment section isn’t going anywhere. If YouTube really wants to clean up the platform, that’s where they ought to start. Those things are a complete bloodbath. I think every future, past, and present serial killer has left at least 100 YouTube comments in their life because that’s really the only type of people who comment on those things. I don’t think a Brain Surgeon spends his time leaving YouTube comments. It’s for the scum.

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