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YouTube Announced NFL Sunday Ticket Pricing

Written by Tony Ghaul

YouTube is taking over NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV for the 2023 season, and it has announced the pricing and features for the upcoming season, including a presale, as per Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic.

  • Fans can sign up for the out-of-market games package starting Tuesday.
  • There are two pricing categories, one for those who are already subscribed to YouTube TV and one for those who will use YouTube Primetime Channels.
  • After the presale expires, YouTube TV will charge $349 for Sunday Ticket and $389 for RedZone to be included. The YouTube Primetime Channels pricing is $449 and $489 with RedZone.
  • Before June 6, the price is $249 for YouTube TV subscribers and $349 for Primetime Channels users, with $50 added for either subscription with RedZone included.

YouTube’s Vice President of product management Christian Oestlien released a statement.

“One of the things we really wanted to do is introduce a much greater level of simplicity and clarity in the pricing for users, so if you have YouTube TV, it’s an additional $249 at this point (with the presale discount), and if you don’t have YouTube TV if you’re not ready for it, you can buy (Sunday Ticket) as a standalone subscription,” Oestlien said, via Kaplan.

“Although sticker prices are sort of similar today to what they might have been in the past, historically there was a lot more that came with getting access to Sunday Ticket, multi-year contacts, a bunch of incremental fees that were charged, different things like that. When you calculate the all-in price of what you’re actually paying to get access to Sunday Ticket, we think we’re going to be able to offer something that’s really price-competitive, really simple, and easy to understand.”

YouTube is adding several features to Sunday Ticket, though they will not be consistent between YouTube TV and Primetime Channels.

On YouTube TV, features include being able to view four games at once (including the local contest), unlimited DVR storage, personalized recommendations, the choice to view key plays, NFL fantasy data, real-time stats and “hide spoilers.” Hide spoilers is a settings function that turns off other game scores crossing the screen.

Of those features, Primetime Channels will have key plays and the four-game view.

Fans can look for Sunday Ticket Primetime Channels signup links in YouTube sections like Movies & TV, the NFL’s channel and watch page and search results.

YouTube is also planning to integrate shopping into the football offering and tap into some of its top creators to produce behind-the-scenes content on game days.

Photo courtsey of Ari Meirov – Twitter

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