You’re Wrong Stephen A. Smith

Written by jwatry

I don’t want to misquote Stephen A. Smith, so here is what was said by the man himself…

That is straight from the official Stephen A. Smith Twitter account. We all know the man. He is a long-time journalist who has covered just about everything sports related but specializes in the NBA. He has paid his dues and rightfully deserves those millions of dollars. Make no mistake, there are very few that cover the league that is respected more than Stephen A. Smith. I want to preface this column with those points because not only do I disagree with yet another one of his ‘takes,’ but he is flat out wrong in this case.

“This is one of the toughest positions that I’ve ever had to take.”

Really? That covers a lot. This is the same guy who incorrectly predicted multiple NBA Finals in a row. This is the same guy who doesn’t seem to understand how NHL win-loss records work (ties). This is the same guy who tried to shift blame from the men committing domestic violence to the women that may “provoke” actions. He was suspended for a week by ESPN for that. He also threatened Kevin Durant on air about not wanting to make him an enemy. Look, I could go on and on here. I am not sure a coaching change in sports (which happens all the time) even gets into the Top 100 Takes from Stephen A. Smith. Just my opinion of course.

“Steve Nash has no coaching experience…”

Nobody has any coaching experience…until they do. After making this point, Stephen A. Smith mentioned Steve Kerr who walked into the Golden State Warriors job and now has a bunch of NBA Titles to his name. A different team and a different circumstance obviously, but the point stands.

“individual that is just special on so many levels…”

Well, there you go then. Hall of Fame talent we’re talking about. Stephen A. Smith is singing the praises of Steve Nash. The dude can flat out ball and has formed a ton of relationships with players and executives throughout his career. You won’t find many bad words spoken about his play or character. Smith calls him “special” right there. I don;t know about you, but if the guy is special and has a high basketball IQ, I would want him on the squad. Stephen A Smith’s own words there.

“Steve Nash is a sensational dude…”

Alright. Keep going. I bet Steve Nash was loving this “take” from Stephen A. Smith during the first 90 seconds or so.

“Steve Nash is widely respected and loved by a whole bunch of people in the NBA – black, white and beyond. Congratulations to him, he deserves it.”

Thanks again Stephen. You said it right there. Widely respected, loved, and he deserves it. Your words – HE DESERVES IT! Reports suggest that Steve Nash is the new Brooklyn Nets coach because the decision got the okay from star players Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Him and Durant grew close years ago. Of course, KD will be returning from injury next season. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize you want to keep your star player happy. If the two have a good back and forth and that makes them comfortable, all the better. Every team, every sport – you cater to your highest paid athlete. With Kyrie also involved in the process and giving his blessing, again I ask – what’s the problem? For those that may not know, both players are African American, which leads to the big twist ending of Stephen A. Smith’s rambling…

“This is white privilege. This does not happen for a black man. No experience whatsoever?”

Well, actually, it does Stephen A. Smith. Remember Bill Russell? All-time great player was just handed the coaching job. No experience. How about Isiah Thomas? Another former champion and All-Star who coached in the league. Mark Jackson? Took over the Warriors and has been a fan favorite since. Also appears to be on the verge of being hired by another NBA team very soon. I guess those examples do not count. Derek Fisher? Hot off retiring and walks into a cushy NBA head coaching job. No experience, nothing but a solid career, championships and a good relationships with players. All of them African American.

Maybe it is not the color of their skin that matters but their reputation as a former player? Ever think of that?

No, it has to be about all that outside noise and junk just to cause dissension and spark discussion. Weak move.

The fact is Stephen A. Smith is wrong. He is going for an angle here that just doesn’t exist. I expect him to be supported for his position, and I also expect some blowback. He will get on the air Friday morning, afternoon, and evening and explain his thought process, get a lot of air time and continue cashing those fat checks. I know how this works. Growing up, I lived and beathed ESPN. It was on my television from the second I woke up all the way until the sleep timer shut it off late at night. Sadly though, that was many years ago. Until there is a sporting event on, I no longer watch ESPN. I don’t care to hear all the controversial guys and gals speak wacky opinions just to grab headlines. I don’t care to watch ‘radio shows’ during the afternoon. I miss the old ESPN; the one that didn’t get all clickbait happy and just spew nonsense for a quick trend on Twitter.

I plead guilty though. I saw the clip on social media Thursday and felt compelled enough to respond. Congrats Stephen A. Smith. You got me. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to watching basketball coverage…on TNT.

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