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Your Racism Is Showing: Taylor McNallie Calls Out Glenn Standish, Gerald Meadows, Randy Kary and other racists in Alberta, Canada!

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Today I have a post by Taylor McNallie who was calling out racists in Alberta, Canada!

Including the names were business owners Glenn Standish founder of Bear Scare LTD., Gerald Meadows owner of Landin Roofing LTD, and Randy Kary owner of Castor Valley Drug Market.

The post reads:

Alberta Hunting Addicts needs to be shut tf down. ADMINS: Dave Boody & Tyler BoruckBlack people are NOT safe in Alberta. SHARE. THIS. EVERYWHERE. HOLD THESE PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE.

Here’s a few names and businesses taking part, with more profile links in comments:

Glenn Standish Bear Scare Ltd.

Gerald Meadows Owner/Operator Landin Roofing LTD

Randy Kary Pharmacist & OwnerCastor Valley Drug Mart

EDIT: since this seems to be blowing up and there’s a lot of folks trying to find excuses for this shit.. I am from rural Alberta and run an organization helping rural Albertans, traveling throughout this province for the last 3 months holding community discussions and receiving backlash everywhere we go. “Rioters” is just one of the things they call us, along with snowflakes, antifa, liberals, far left, sheep and, of course, n****. Also, it’s not the first time rural Albertans have threatened to shoot us on site, or try to run us over, or spit at us. And, for the record, after organizing and attending nearly 20 rural community protests/discussions, not one has ended in rioting. None in the city have either, for that matter. But it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who they’re talking about here. Come on, guys. Reach further. WE ARE IN CANADA. Stop making your judgments and assumptions from watching US news and Rebel Media, ya idiots.

Here is the post:

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