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Your Racism is Showing: Sherry James… Medical Lab Professional Who Ripped on Black Man’s Shooting Death

Written by Nate

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And this one is another heinous, egregious post from a ‘medical laboratory professional.’

Facebook user Quintessa Almedina posted a few images of a story about Cody Pollard, a black man who died in a mass shooting in Minneapolis’s uptown district.

And then Sherry James, who works as a medical lab technician at a University of Minnesota medical center, commented on the story saying ‘Welfare is too good here if they shoot each other all night so sad of hearing this everyday…. Time to move” [CLICK HERE TO GO TO SHERRY’S FACEBOOK]

All photos courtesy to Quintessa Almedina

What a disgusting, disrespectful remark for someone who actually works in the health care field herself!!

And the story was about a man who was killed, and he appeared to be a good human being himself being a young father to his daughter.

Please report her on egregious comments she made! She absolutely needs to be ashamed of herself for that!

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