Calling Out Racism

Your Racism Is Showing: Rob Roy Auto Salisbury, Massachusetts

Written by TrevStone

I’m back with another segment of calling out your racism, if you enjoy this blog, click here and follow our Calling Our Racists section on Twitter!

Today we have a post by JM Anders who posted an image of what is hanging outside of Rob Roy Auto in Salisbury, Massachusetts!

The post read:

The anger – rage – racism – misogyny has begun. Feel free to reach out to Rob Roy Auto Salisbury MA (985) 985-3136.

Click here to view the businesses Facebook page.

Someone in the comments made a very valid post:

“Seems like the only response a meathead can summon when threatened by a Woman more accomplished and intelligent than him and in a position of power is to call her a whore or slut. Ha Ha….Yawn”

As we learn more information about this we will update you on our Callin’ Out Racism page on Twitter!

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