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Your Racism is Showing: Krystle Matthews, US Senate Candidate, Exposed for Saying ‘Treat White People Like Sh*t’ in Interview

It’s been over a year since PSE has done one of these ‘extra’ stories based on hypocrisy and racism and we all know everyone does not like political topics, but we thought this is important to bring up and write about.

Per a video tweet by Lara Logan shared by Ashley St Clair, South Carolina State Representative and US Senate candidate Krystle Matthews was caught in an audio recording showing her racist ways.

Matthews was detailing her plans and ideas for the upcoming midterm elections in an expose interview via Project Veritas, stating that her district was ‘slightly Republican’ and mostly a ‘white town.’ Then she explains her approach to people in her areas, and said ‘you gotta treat them [white people] like shit …. it’s the only way they’ll respect you.’

Yeah sure Krystle, that’ll definitely help win votes in your area.

And once Twitter users found out about the racist tripe Rep. Matthews said in the tweet, they let her know what they think of her via spam replies in her latest tweets.

It is a surprise that her account is still active since she’s still in office, but people around the US (let alone South Carolina) might be expecting a groveling apology from her PR team regarding the video. But let’s be honest, she probably won’t apologize.

Kudos to Project Veritas for exposing the racism from this candidate, and hopefully she will lose big coming later this fall in the midterms.

**Headline Photo Courtesy: Project Veritas**

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