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Your Racism Is Showing: Erin Decker – Kenosha County Board Member | Sits With Back To Speakers And Votes Against A Resolution That Acknowledged The Impact Of Systematic Racism

I’m back with another Calling Out Your Racism section. Today we have Erin Decker from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

During a meeting that she was apart of as the County Board Supervisor. Instead of facing those speakers she decided to sit with her back to them.

Isaac Wallner, addressed the entire board and said: “You stand by a racist silently. You might as well be a racist yourself. You stand by Erin Decker silently – while she is obviously a racist – you all might as well be a racist yourself.”

Erin Decker Chairman of Kenosha County Republican Party is seen in... News  Photo - Getty Images

Decker claimed she turned her back on everyone because there was signed on the front that claimed she was a racist. While it claimed other people were racist, they didn’t turn their back.

Decker is the only Kenosha County Board supervisor who voted against a resolution that acknowledged the impact of systematic racism. She was also recorded saying she doesn’t believe systematic racism exists.

What type of ‘leader’ would ever turn there back? Even if you’re being accused of something, you still face it. You prove that you’re not a racist in this case. Instead you prove who you truly are.

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