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Your Hypocrisy is Showing: Vox’s Aaron Rupar Was Outraged Over Notre Dame Students Storming the Field After Win, But Was Happy Seeing Celebrations After Biden’s Election

Written by Nate

Aaron Rupar, most of us would like a chat with you.

In your recent tweets in one day yesterday, you said it was ‘party time’ with the huge crowds gathering after Joe Biden got projected for the President-Elect. And not even 12 hours, you showed a picture of the Notre Dame student body and said ‘it was not ideal.’

Which leads up to this one crucial question:

Please tell us why do you feel differently about a football game crowd celebrating an upset win rather than a crowd celebrating after an election projection?

They’re both big crowds, with little to no social distancing, and some of the people there may have masks on.

The answer is simple, you’re a hypocrite. And a bad one at that.

So please as a so-called ‘journalist’ that works for, view your old tweets before making new ones!

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