Rules for thee, but not for me.

That has been the theme for most politicians that tell us what things that were suppose to follow, yet they do the opposite in return dating back from last March to present day.

And that is what would lead us to our new edition of ‘Your Hypocrisy is Showing,’ as one of the aides for Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, Tricia Foster, was seen on Facebook on Spring Break despite her boss urging Michigan residents not to travel and gather at bars, restaurants and schools due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns and case surges days prior.

As you can see in photos obtained by Breotbart News in Breaking911’s tweet above, it appears that Foster is enjoying herself out on the beach down in Florida.

There are two things that are sad and funny about this controversy.

Whitmer’s press secretary Buddy Leddy did confirm that the photos was Foster’s, but stated that an article by Breitbart News was called ‘a partisan attack from a garbage white nationalist website.’

Also, it was determined that one of her children had to stay home due to being tested positive for the virus. This was after Whitmer told residents that if a family member did test positive for COVID-19, they should avoid travel, stay home and self-quarantine.

Foster could have been fully vaccinated for the virus, but this sets an additional bad example of what’s wrong with some politicians, or in their case government aides, during the winding stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lets not forget that Foster’s boss and her family did violate COVID orders and rules themselves last May as they tried to get their family boat off a dock while she urged residents to not travel or go boating elsewhere.

Many people and Whitmer herself wonder why nobody is taking her recommendations seriously anymore, it’s because of hypocritical actions like this. She has lost trust from a lot of people, and I doubt she will get that trust back soon.

**Photo Courtesy to Breitbart News/Breaking911 on Twitter**


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