We’re back with another ‘Your Hypocrisy is Showing’ post, and today’s segment focuses on one of the top health officials in the state of Michigan.

First reported by the Great Lakes News and confirmed by Fox News, Michigan’s new public health director, Elizabeth Hertel, allegedly went on a family vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama, just recently.

Wonder why this is an issue? It’s mainly because she is only the second colleague of governor Gretchen Whitmer to go on trips down south after telling residents not to due to concerns from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

This event has brought up especially within the last few days after Governor Whitmer’s top aide, Tricia Foster, was seen on Facebook posting on photos of her Spring Break trip to Florida. Her trip happened while her son was home recovering from the virus himself.

Whitmer stated that she originally told Michiganders to either avoid traveling or to get tested for the virus to other states for Spring Break because of the concerns of the virus and its variants.

She was asked about the reports of Hertel’s alleged trip in her recent press conference Wednesday, and was visibly upset at that question. Going on record stating what is going on their vacation is ‘their business.’

Original Video Courtesy to Dave Bondy/Facebook

First it was Michigan governor’s aide Tricia Foster, now the state’s new health director. The dominoes just continue to fall regarding politicians and their Coronavirus hypocrisy.

Officials like Foster, Hertel, and Whitmer (along with her own family) don’t deserve any trust for their leadership if they pulled stunts like these, but sadly, people will still follow them based on ideology or big tech.

It’ll be a matter of time until this hypocrisy and stories like these will end. One can only hope.


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