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Your Hypocrisy is Showing: Marlowe Alter, Detroit Free Press Author Who Wrote Article About Dan Campbell Saying He Made Homophobic Remark in Past, Had Many Tweets With Slurs in Them

Written by Nate

UPDATE: the sports team of the Detroit Free Press have tweeted that they are aware of the tweets and will be investigating them and the writer for it.

Alter has also apologized for his tweets from his past.

Ahh, the sweet, sweet, delicious taste of irony has been exposed here.

Earlier Friday, Detroit Free Press writer Marlowe Alter published a post about new Detroit Lions’ favorite candidate for head coach and how he made an anti-gay remark two decades ago.

However, it turns out that the writer, Alter himself, made a LOT of anti-gay, racist and profane tweets back last decade.


But it appears that the list of those tweets did not stop there.

Sportswriters have dug various tweets to see what type of personality a player and coach can really be, but Alter should’ve deleted those ‘controversial’ tweets, before he would’ve been exposed himself.

Just my two cents here.

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