Your Hypocrisy is Showing: Magic Johnson, Who is AIDS/HIV Positive, Condemns Unvaccinated Players #NBA

Written by Nate

Oh the sweet, sweet irony on display from one of the NBA’s greatest players ever.

In a couple posts on social media (one of them shared on Facebook by political commentator Mindy Robinson), former Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, gave out his take on players that are currently unvaccinated against COVID-19.

He stated that those players ‘carry a huge health risk for everyone’ and he would never let his teammates down to get vaccinated himself. Yet there’s one issue: Magic is HIV positive.

“You have said to your teammates, ‘I’m gonna be there for you,’” Johnson said via CBS 4 Denver. “Well you can’t be there if you don’t get vaccinated. You letting them down. And then that hurts our chances of winning a championship. I would never do that to my teammates. Never.”

Magic does have a point regarding trying to ht players vaccinated, yet it’s kind of hypocritical on Magic’s part too since he was tested positive with HIV—leading to his retirement in 1991, and endangering more people and his former teammates outside of the sport.

So yeah, like what this Twitter user said below, Magic should be the last person to urge players to get the vaccine especially with his HIV issues.

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