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Your Hypocrisy is Showing: Christine Davitt, Teen Vogue Member Who Disliked Potential Hire of Editor For Past Racist Tweets, Also Had Past Racist Tweets of Her Own

We’re back with another ‘your hypocrisy is showing’ segment, and it’s a goodie here.

In an article tweet by Bobby Burack and Clay Travis’s, there’s a story going around about the ‘supposed’ hiring of Alexi McCammond, who was sharply opposed by the staff at Teen Vogue for her past offensive tweets.

She later apologized for her tweets and has resigned from her position at the outlet.

One of Teen Vogue’s staff members that was against the potential hire and voiced her displeasure and wrote a letter on McCammond’s decade-old tweets was their social media manager, Christine Davitt.


Davitt, who is identified as a mixed race female, celebrated McCammond’s resignation via Twitter.

“So proud of my @teenvogue colleagues,” Davitt said via “The work continues…”

However, it has come to light that she also had her own past offensive and racist tweets.

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Total hypocrisy on Davitt’s end.

After learning of her exposed tweets, Davitt went to switch her Twitter account from public to private.

Just like the Marlowe Alter/Detroit Free Press story back a couple months prior to the now-Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell, Davitt was exposed for something that she was going to cancel a new hire for doing something considered ‘offensive’ a long time ago.

Funny how that works. There is a feeling that she’ll be facing punishment of her own from this.

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