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Young Guy By The Name Of Cooper Just Pulled Off One Of The Greatest Penalty Shots In All Of Hockey

Written by Jonathan Garner

A young man, age not specified, just put America into shock with this goal. During the first intermission of the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game, he was able to showcase his talents. Just sit back and enjoy this video.

Not many people can pull that off with the kind of pressure that was on him, let alone do it with style. He perfected the shot, and the celly. In my guess, he looks to be around 10 years old and already has better tricks up his sleeves than some NHL players. You can see in the video below that he called his shot weeks ago. He’s been practicing for this opportunity for quite some time now and he was able to shine while the world was watching. This little guy deserves to be on #SCTop10 after that. I hope he continues to grind and one day will be able to do that for the Blue Jackets with a jersey on. Congrats Cooper, good stuff!

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