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You Wanna Feel Old?: Pokemon Go Was Released 4 Years Ago

Written by Cory Vega

You remember Pokemon Go? I do. Tons of people remember scrambling to their parks in 2016 to catch some random ass Charmander that popped up. The craze was real. People that didn’t even play the main console games downloaded it (mostly parents that just wanted to hop on the hype train). They even made a “mainline” game that tailored to those people (Yes I’ talking about Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, the easiest Pokemon game ever). I mean the app wasn’t filled to the brim with features when it was popular. Battling really wasn’t a thing, trading was never added, it was only the original 151, and it was a painfully obvious pay-to-play game. I mean it was kinda neat to catch endless amounts of Pidgey and Ratattas while you walked your dog or something, but I always appreciated the core games more, especially Pokemon Colosseum. I couldn’t deny the social aspect of Go, however. You would see giant groups of people heading out to areas they’ve never been in their life. In some instances, that was a bad thing due to accidents because people are dumbasses. Like people would deadass head to a cemetery to catch Pokemon. My friends and I in college would walk all over campus trying to catch Pokemon and hold on to Gyms.

The craze died down pretty quickly due to the instability of the app and the lack of features. Yeah, they did slowly but surely add more Pokemon from different regions and Gyms as well as countless bug fixes but it never quite held on to that initial burst of popularity. that caused it to be talked about on the news (and Hillary Clinton). But it was a landmark moment in 2016, which feels like a lifetime ago. Take me back. It brought us some great content too on Youtube.

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