YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS: Pete Davidson Gets New Tattoo To Honor Girlfriend Kim Kardashian

Written by austenlange

As many know Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend (Skete) Pete Davidson is dating newly single celebrity Kim Kardashian. (Who cares). Well as you also may know this whole relationship has been documented right in front of our very eyes and has evolved into something out of this world.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's Relationship Timeline | POPSUGAR  Celebrity
Kim and Pete share first kiss on SNL.

Kanye obviously has his own feelings towards the situation and he obviously doesn’t approve of this for his family and children. At the end of the dayy though, it’s tough luck Mr. West.

To try and play the “sweet white guy role” Pete has been doing things like getting the carpet from their first kiss, sending her ex threatening text messages, and even getting a shitty tattoo in her, “honor”. Wild shit.

Pete Davidson's text messages to Kanye West leaked including pics from  Kim... - PopBuzz

It’s a damn shame what a fool will do for love. Just buy her candy and flowers man, typically does the damn job.

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