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Yoopers Want To Close Borders To/From Wisconsin and Lower Peninsula As Coronavirus Cases Still At 0 In U.P – Over 65 Cases Confirmed In Lower Michigan and 72 In Wisconsin

Written by TrevStone

As the United States of America closes borders to certain Counties due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Upper Peninsula of Michigan residents want to start closing their borders as well.

As lower Michigan’s Coronavirus cases reaches 65 and is slowly making it’s way to the U.P, it’s getting Yoopers to believe the best option is the close the border to Wisconsin and Lower Peninsula.

As of now, 0 residents have tested positive for the virus. Although, I’m not too sure how many tests are even available in this neck of the woods.

I went ahead and converted an image from NYTimes into what could possibly be the areas to block off:

Do whatever you can to stay safe. I never thought that this would get to the point that it’s at. Walmart is out of toilet paper, the bars are closed down, and we are all stuck inside.

Keep the virus out of the Yoop!

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