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Yoopers to be Featured on Discovery Channel’s ‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’ (Escanaba)

Written by Nate

Via a Facebook post by user Richard Ness, he and some of the ‘Gold Rush’ crew are set to to be featured on TV having ‘some winter fun’ in the U.P. coming up.

Ness has stated in his post that he and his crew will be on the Discovery Channel show, ‘Gold Rush: The Dirt,’ scheduled to be aired later this month. The show’s next episode looks to follow Richard and the crew as they do some winter activities back home.

Besides work, it appears from the photos above that the crew’s activities for the episode back in Michigan include flying a plane and fishing right on frozen Little Bay de Noc.

Along with having their fun, we will find out why they’re back in Michigan on their episode airing on Friday, March 11th. Time of airing will either be at 8:00 or 9:00 pm on Discovery Channel.

**Headline Photo and All Photos in Post Courtesy to Richard Ness/Facebook**

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