Yoopers Seen Skating, Playing Ice Hockey on Frozen Lake Superior at Marquette Harbor

This past week’s weather has produced a blizzard and consecutive days of bitter cold temperatures, and as a result, it has frozen up to ice to ponds, small regional lakes and even on a small portion of Lake Superior.

And as you can see in the select photos and content below, fellow Yoopers and some NMU students have taken advantage of the frozen lake by going out ice skating or playing hockey on the harbor by downtown Marquette.

While it does look really cool to be skating out on Lake Superior, but it does look really thin on some spots outside of the harbor. So please, stay safe out there if you want to go out on the ice.

WLUC TV6 reported that 26 fishermen were recently rescued when a floe of ice was broken off just off from the Minnesota shoreline, so hopefully we won’t have any of those type of incidents with how the ice looks from certain angles.

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