Yoenis Cespedes Just Opted Out in The Most Met Way Possible

Written by schultzyca

As if 2020 couldn’t have got any weirder Mets Slugger Yoenis Cespedes who was missing from todays Braves-Mets game has opted out in the most Met way possible.

Maybe he really didn’t want to play or was pissed that literally hours before todays game they signed Billy Hamilton but this story is just wild. He straight up said ‘I don’t want to play anymore’ and got up and left very Met like. Listen this story could of taken a very morbid turn but I am just glad he is safe and that the baseball community can goof on the Mets without having to worry about Cespedes well being.

I was really thinking the worst on this story but maybe he was just sick of being a Met? Who knows but if I just didn’t show up to work and did a no call no show I would be fired, but if Cespedes does it he gets to keep his MILLIONS?! I don’t know man but if I was a Met fan right now I would be hoping this guy gets attacked but another hog! What a terrible contract, what a terrible franchise, and a terrible, terrible owner. Sell the team Wilpons sell the team.

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