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Yes, Some Folks Were Freaking Out About Overwatch League Airing On ABC

Written by Robert Workman

So, over the weekend, Overwatch League managed to create a little history. It began airing on ABC for a few hours, in turn increasing its esports audience quite a bit. But while a lot of fans saw great prospects from the move, others…did not.

For instance, one Twitter user, Marcos Pena, noted the following:“You know the kids are screwed!! Normally sports on ABC Sunday. Today a video game tournament. Out of shape kids with tiny balls and the girls who have more testosterone than the boys. Over watch.”

Meanwhile, Pot R Yan turned out to be even more vocal. “THIS IS THE END! You have got to be kidding me! Your network has FRICKING KIDS PLAYING VIDEO GAMES on Sunday. For 3 PhKing hours??? #byebyeabc”

But while there have been some fans angry about the movie, the esports community showed their support in droves. Petr Zalud, for instance,said,“YES!!! NORMIES OF THE WORLD, PREPARE FOR US!!!” Also, Michael Sepso added the following: “I truly love the hate. Adding it to greatest hits like ‘this rapping is just shouting words, it isn’t music!’ And ‘skateboarding and bmx is a kids’ hobby, not a sport!’ And my all time fave from my gran around 1995: ‘I don’t know what the internet is, but I know it’s scary!”

It seems like the ABC airing of Overwatch League will continue, as it became a smash success over the weekend. It’ll also be airing on ESPNews for some matches too, adding even more to the exposure. As for the upset fans, well…isn’t there golf on channel seven?

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