Yermin Mercedes Has Retired From Baseball Because Tony La Russa is A Fun Sucker

Written by schultzyca

Fuck Tony La Russa, plain and simple. Yermin Mercedes was one of the more fun stories at the beginning of the year in baseball. Mercedes hit a home run on a 3-0 count off of a pitcher and then Tony La Russa said in a postgame press conference that he agrees his own player should be thrown at the next game.

It was a very weird situation then D.U.I receiving La Russa thought it was a smart idea to punish Mercedes by sending him down to AAA when he did not deserve to go back down to the minors.

This is just a bizarre situation and you saw how much this did effect Yermin a young player establishing himself in the league and then retiring because his manager is a drunk old man who believes they are still playing in the 80s.

You just have to feel for Mercedes, now there could be other factors that are playing into his retirement or as he said stepping away from baseball for a while. Who knows all I hope is that La Russa never manages again, that drunk D.U.I bastard and that Yermin finds peace in whatever he does moving forward.

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