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Yelich Trolls Roxane

Written by Will

Put on the red light! Yelich Trolls Roxane


Look, I’m not a huge fan at the fact that my MVP for my favorite team is now going to be featured in the ESPN Body Issue, though a ton of ladies across the great state of Wisconsin think otherwise. The Brew Crew are struggling and trying to stay afloat as they get to the postseason, and this is news that to diehard fans like me, that it could somewhat distracting in a sense.



It was announced on Monday evening during the Brewers & Cardinals game from Miller Park that Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich would be featured completely nude in the ESPN Body Issue. So, between innings, ESPN decided to show the nude Yelich in a couple of his glamour shots.

While I chose not to tweet about the news, this lady had some beef with my MVP:

Christian’s response:



It should be known that Roxane decided to delete the tweet and protect her account.


As an added response to Roxane’s tweet, Yelich decided to have some more fun with the response:



Put on the red light, Roxane!



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