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Yankees Acquire SP Jameson Taillon From Pirates | World Series Title Back On

Written by Tony

It happens every offseason for what feels like years now for us (albeit spoiled) Yankees fans. We sit there in free agency and don’t see the Yankees make the huge splash (except for Gerrit Fucking Cole), and we wonder “what the hell is Cashman doing?”. Well, time after time, one of the best GMs in the sport had a plan.

We went into this offseason looking to bolster a baron rotation and replace a declining Tanaka, and a useless James Paxton. The ideas of having a rotation that featured Cole, an injured Sevy and a bunch of question marks with Garcia & Schmidt were frightening. The frustration officially started to set in when we realized the Yankees weren’t getting Castillo from the Reds, and Padres were assembling an all star squad all around the diamond. However, since that moment we signed a former CY Young powerhouse who is on a “prove it” deal, and we just traded for a guy who was formerly referred to as “the best high school pitching prospect since Josh Beckett“. Now, Tallion hasn’t lived up to that billing quite yet, but he certainly hasn’t been bad. In the last full season that he pitched in 2018, he pitched to the tune of a 3.20 ERA in 32 starts, which if he does that in NYC, will earn him a ton of dough.

Now, we look forward to the future, and of course we have to expect everything to go correctly, but in a WS championship year that has to happen anyway. We now have Cole, Severino, Kluber, Tallion, German (that piece of shit), Schmidt and Deivi Garcia (the proclaimed next Pedro who looked like he was well on his way in some starts last year). If five out of those 7 pitch to what they are capable of, I am not sure there is a better top to bottom rotation in baseball. People keep forgetting that Severino was the Cy Young leading candidate in baseball just a year and a half ago. Also, once Tallion gets on Cole’s steriod “spin rate” regimen, the sky is the limit for the 6’5, 99 MPH throwing righty.

If you aren’t excited right now, and have an ever growing blood flow to your hammer, there is something wrong with you. The Taillon Stallion is now in town, and the WS is on the horizon. Let’s get it.

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