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Yadier Molina Becomes 1st Catcher To Catch 2,000 Games For A MLB Team

Yadier Molina, one of the greatest catchers of our lifetime has done what no other catcher before him has done. Molina started in his 2000th game behind the dish for the St. Louis Cardinals, and received a very hard earned ovation today.

This video will bring tears to any baseball purest in the world. Molina has been a staple in the Cardinals organization and has been apart of many of their great teams. Yadier has been one of the best catchers in the MLB for as long as I can remember. While his bat is something that he isn’t known for anyone who has played a game of competitive baseball understands what he brings to the table. His baseball IQ is nuts and he’s played with some of the best pitchers of our time. Let’s not forget that he also has an amazing baseball pedigree. ALL 3 Molina sons played for a MLB for some duration. Yadier just so happened to be the best of the bunch. Yadi has won a 9 Gold Gloves since entering the league in 2007 and continues to be dominant as a pitch caller and field general.

Molina has also had the most “SWAG” of any catcher I have seen since Mike Piazza. Just think about it, what other catcher have you seen rock and Air Jordan set of catchers gear?
NONE. To be a Jordan Athlete means you are an absolute rockstar and Michael Jordan decides you are worthy enough to wear the Jumpman logo.

Molina is undoubtedly a Future Hall of Famer and I’m just glad I got to witness one of the best in his craft do it so well for this long.

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