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XFL Star Devin Taylor Belongs Back In The NFL – I’ll Never Understand Why The Detroit Lions Moved On From Him After 15 Sacks In 4 NFL Seasons – @donsaynothin92

Written by TrevStone

I’ll never understand it. You might not have heard of Devin Taylor but he’s tearing up the XFL at defensive end. It doesn’t shock me though. What I don’t understand is why the Detroit Lions ever moved away from him.

The Detroit Lions drafted Taylor with their fourth round draft pick in 2013. Let’s think about the numbers, fourth round draft picks aren’t suppose to make an impact right away. They might develop into a solid player. But with Devin Taylor he had an impact in Detroit right away.

In his first two NFL seasons, Taylor put up 3.5 sacks and 20 tackles. Proving that when he get’s into the game, he might not put up big tackle numbers, but he can get to the quarterback.

In 2015, Taylor had his biggest stat packed season of his career. 7 sacks and 21 tackles. A huge year! Let me also add in that Detroit had Ziggy Ansah who finished with the third most sacks in 2015 season at 14.5.

In 2016, he fell off a little but still had an impressive 4.5 sacks. Something to be proud of and something to continue to build from. That’s what you’d think, but the Detroit Lions decided to move on from him. 15 sacks in four NFL seasons?

I’ll never understand how you move on from someone with those numbers. Yeah, he wasn’t a ‘star’ but he was a very productive fourth round draft pick.

His career after Detroit move on from him didn’t work out the best, in 2017 he signed with the New York Giants and was released, signed again and released. Then he signed with the AAF league and that folded. Now hes in the XFL tearing it up with the Los Angeles Wildcats.

Hopefully we see Taylor in the NFL again!

… oh, btw.. Lions fans, if you still don’t remember him… hes the person who touched Aaron Rodgers facemask before the game winning hail marry.

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