Xavier Becomes The First African American Winner In Big Brother History

Written by schultzyca

History has been made as Xavier won Big Brother 23 by a 9-0 vote. The summer has officially come to an end and an African American winner has been crowned after 23 seasons finally!

This certainly was an historic season in the shows history as the final six houseguests were all African American in probably the most successful alliance ever formed ‘The Cookout’.

Xavier has cemented himself in BB history not only being the first African American winner in the shows history, but with 2 Head of Household wins and 3 vetos he cemented himself as one of the greatest competitors in the games history. What an awesome season and I tip my cap off to all of The Cookout. X become one of my favorite players early on in the show because I could just tell he was going to be very good from the jump.

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