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Wynn Resorts Las Vegas CEO Matthew Maddox Wants Parts of Nevada to Reopen in May

Multiple sources have believed that the CEO of Wynn Resorts Las Vegas, Matthew Maddox, is calling an action to reopen parts of the state (including Las Vegas) to reopen next month.

CNN Travel has wrote in their article that Maddox wrote to an independent column that he has called for Nevada Governor Stephen Sisolak to reopen the state and its economy based on the opinion that he thinks is ‘one of the hardest-hit in the nation’ all due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Maddox also stated when the Las Vegas Strip does reopen, he has a plan to implement physical/social distancing and health standards in place through all resorts and attractions.

“Begin with reduced occupancy, physical distancing measures in place, temperature checks and no large gatherings,” Maddox said in article to Reuters. “We all need to wear a mask.”

Down below is Wynn Resorts’ summarized statement of their plan, if the state does reopen.

For those who don’t remember, Las Vegas’s shutdown came two weeks before Sisolak issued a ‘Stay at Home’ order throughout the whole state. The plan states they are looking for the economy to reopen by mid- to late May.

If you want to know more about the Wynn Resorts’s article and plan to reopen, feel free to view the article in the tweet link down below.

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