WWE’s Wacky WrestleMania Quarantine Policy: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Written by Mike Rickard II

With WrestleMania XXXVII fast approaching, fans are wondering how strict the WWE’s quarantine policy is to protect its wrestlers from catching the ‘rona. Indeed, WrestleMania XXXVII isn’t just the WWE’s flagship pay-per-view event but the first show with fans attending since 2020’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-vie. The company obviously has a lot riding on it as it hopes to rebound after over a year of having no fans present. Factor in that this is the first major show to air on the Peacock streaming service and one might think the WWE would have its Superstars sequestered in a bunker near Raymond James Stadium.

However, fans expecting the WWE to implement a quarantine policy in order to mitigate the likelihood of wrestlers testing positive for COVID-19 may be surprised. Then again, considering what some critics categorized as a slapdash (or even sloppy ) approach to curtailing coronavirus infections, you might see this as another example of the WWE’s “What’s the worst that could happen?” approach to things.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer:

There was no mandate put down by the company. There are people who are quarantining themselves by choice this week because  nobody wants to test positive.  

If Melzer is correct, the WWE is risking a lot. While it can argue that its wrestlers won’t want to ruin their chance to perform in front of a live crowd, earn a WrestleMania paycheck, and perhaps even create a WrestleMania moment, the reality is that a number of wrestlers have tested positive, forcing them to miss time from TV and even pay-per-view. Vince McMahon had better hope none of his stars catch the ‘rona or we could see a very different lineup come this weekend.

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