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WWE’s Kayla Braxton Leaves Twitter Due To “Disgusting Tweets”

Written by jwatry

I admit it. I make jokes on Twitter. I try to have some fun and be ‘snarky’ at times. We all do it. We all try to be clever and witty with one liners. We’re all guilty of it, at least a little bit. Heck, I don’t even cuss in real life – at home, work, out with buddies, hanging out with family, etc. I don’t even swear! True story…yet, razzing someone or giving a friend some crap is usually harmless fun. Just to laugh and joke around. However, there is such a thing as taking a joke too far. When it begins to emotionally harm others and feelings are hurt, you have to stop and reflect. Maybe apologize? Maybe reflect? Maybe change behavior? Something, anything to correct a mistake.

We have seen far too much of that online lately. Politics, sports, Covid-19 debates, conspiracy theories, etc. Luckily, I stay out of that and keep a pretty even mind. Sadly, I can not say the same for everybody else in the fabled “Internet Wrestling Community” because WWE personality Kayla Braxton has deactivated her Twitter account after having enough of all the childish garbage.

She last tweeted: “While I was at work tonight, I got a call that someone very close to me died of covid. And as I logged on to this platform tonight, I noticed multiple disgusting tweets tagging me to make jokes about me when I had the virus early this year. FU*K you.”

Now the account is gone. Hopefully, she returns at a later time when maybe, just maybe everybody can learn to be a little bit nicer to others. At the same time, I kinda hope she stays off Twitter and just says ‘screw it.’ It may not be worth it for her to return. Obviously, Kayla just went through a death from someone very close to her. She did indeed test positive for Covid-19 during 2020, and she is clearly sick and tired of all the little jokes about the entire ordeal. Good for her for shutting up the clowns on social media.

The worst thing about this all? Kayla Braxton is nothing but nice, gentle, sweet, soft spoken, and mostly beloved in the “Internet Wrestling Community.” It’s not like she is some sort of bad girl on television and plays a heel, spouting off to fans and acting as a heel online. She isn’t doing anything of the sort, and yet SHE is getting crap from followers. Absolutely unreal. She is probably the last person in WWE to deserve this kind of treatment. 

By Justin Watry (Follow me on Twitter: @JustinWatry)

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