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WWE’s Eva Marie Can’t Seem To Keep Her Clothes On!

Written by Chris Powers

Anybody who has followed WWE I’ve the past five years or so has an idea as to who Eva Marie is. It’s safe to say that Eva made more of a name for herself on the E! Network while starring the WWE’s hit reality television show, Total Divas than she actually did in the wrestling ring.

Eventually though, Eva Marie did make it into the ring. She honed her craft while working in NXT, and eventually made it onto the main roster. Unfortunately, after about a month in, Marie was suspended for a wellness violation. Marie disputed the violation and did not agree with the punishment, which ultimately led to her leaving the company.

Several years later to the delight of many wrestling fans, Eva Marie has returned to the WWE and has spent a fair amount of time actually performing for live audiences. While it is unknown if she will star in the upcoming season of Total Divas, it appears she has cemented a spot for herself on the WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night RAW.

One thing is for certain about Eva, and that is she is very confident about her body. A fitness enthusiast, Eva has never been shy about showing off her figure. If you’ve never seen any of her scantily clad pictures before, you’ve come to the right place as there are plenty to see below.

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