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WWE Using Shows Like AEW Dark to Scout

Written by Jameus Mooney

This isn’t really that shocking, but Fightful is reporting that WWE has a new method of scouting: rival television. It’s often noted that Vince McMahon lives in a bubble and only watches his product, but apparently that has changed. Knowing that AEW uses unsigned Independent Wrestlers on Dark as well as New Japan on NJPW Strong, WWE has now started watching those shows.

Anthony Bowens, who recently inked with AEW, was one of the talents WWE scouted. He rejected their offer. Whereas Benjamin Carter, who stole a lot of headlines from his AEW Dark appearances, did sign with WWE for their NXT UK division.

While addressing the media for Full Gear, AEW Vice President Cody Rhodes touched on the matter. He noted that the current goal for AEW Dark is to showcase as many independent talents that aren’t working so that they have a platform to find work, no matter where it’s at. AEW will pick up those who impress them the most, but the entire point is so places like WWE and NJPW can sign the talent.

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