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WWE Superstar Sunny Arrested Again: OnlyFans Members Wonder What’s Next

Written by Mike Rickard II

Former WWE Superstar Sunny (aka Tamara Sytch) has discovered that while the P.O.P. (aka the power of the pussy) can lead to financial gains, it doesn’t always give you a get out of jail free card. According to a report at FOX News:

The 47-year-old WWE Hall of Famer was booked on Monday into Monmouth County Correctional Institution in New Jersey.

According to the institution’s website, the charges include: “eluding police officer,” “operating a motor vehicle during second license suspension” and two counts of “contempt/violate domestic violence restraining order.”

Sytch’s various legal difficulties are well known and there’s little doubt she’ll be a first-ballot entry into the Pro Athletes Hall of Shame, joining other members such as Dwight Gooden, Mike Tyson, and Michael Floyd. Sunny was released on probation on February 25, 2020 and quickly found financial success when she opened an OnlyFans account for her fans. However, the WWE Hall of Famer has taken being a person who can’t understand normal thinking to new levels as she’s insulted everyone around her and repeatedly fired off racist tweets.

Not a picture of Sunny, but those cankles seem to mirror hers.

With Sytch currently behind bars, will she be able to provide new content for her subscribers? Has Sytch saved any of the money she’s repeatedly bragged about earning? If so, perhaps she can hire a crack team of attorneys, much as O.J. Simpson did when he had his little indiscretion back in the early 90s. Pro Sports Extra will continue following the latest episode in the Sunny Shitshow.

Will Sunny’s OnlyFans subscribers be able to find an alternative to the middle-aged racist they’ve been paying to see? If the above beauty is any indication, there are plenty of suitable alternatives.

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