WWE’s latest Saudi Arabian-based PPV event has just wrapped up & was headlined by…

Let’s get into the action…

Segment 1 – The pre-show ends with the 1st match of the evening. The Viking Raiders vs The OC. The teams go back & forth for awhile before Ivar goes for a moonsault off the top-rope but Anderson knocks him off the turnbuckle & The OC hit him with the “Magic Killer” for the victory.

Segment 2 – 6-man Gaunlet Match for The Tuwaiq Trophy. AJ Styles vs Andrade vs Rey Mysterio vs Bobby Lashley vs Erick Rowan vs R-Truth. The match begins with R-Truth & Bobby Lashley. They go back & forth for a few minutes as Lashley gains control. Lashley dominates & then goes for a spear but Truth ducks & rolls up Lashley to eliminate him. After the fall, Lashley attacks Truth & drills him with a spear as Andrade comes out as he’s the next participant. Andrade goes after Truth’s “injured” left shoulder. Andrade gets the upper hand for a few minutes but Truth once again gets the fall after Andrade accidentally knocks himself out. Erick Rowan is next. Rowan obliterates Truth for a few minutes then throws him out of the ring & starts firing him into the steel stairs & then drills him in the face with them as Rowan is now DQ’d. Rowan yells at the referee, throws Truth back in the ring & destroys him as his cage is knocked over. Rowan panics, grabs the cage & heads to the back. AJ Styles is the next participant. Styles comes out, throws Truth to the mat & starts taunting him with several dance moves including The Running Man & The Cabbage Patch. Styles finally decides to start fighting & submits Truth with the Calf-Crusher. Rey Mysterio’s music begins to play. The music suddenly stops. It begins again but the camera cuts to the backstage area where The OC is attacking Mysterio. The camera cuts back to the ring where Styles grabs a mic & says he’s the Gauntlet Champion & tells the referee to raise his hand. The referee refuses so Styles goes to the outside area & tells the ring announcer to ring the bell & give him the trophy. It’s announced that if nobody comes out before the referee’s 10-count, Styles wins. The referee begins to count but the camera cuts backstage & The OC are down & in pain. Styles looks shocked…then the gong hits. The Undertaker makes his way down to the ring as the fans are in a frenzy. Undertaker is officially the final participant in this match. Styles goes for a clothesline but Taker counters with a choke-slam for the victory. The Undertaker wins the Tuwaiq Trophy. Taker stares at the trophy before walking up the ramp.

Segment 3 – SmackDown Tag-Team Championships – New Day (C) vs The Miz & John Morrison. The SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, New Day are shown backstage hyping up their title defense against The Miz & John Morrison. Both teams make their entrances & the match begins. Big E & The Miz start this one off. Big E hits Miz with a few shoulder drags & starts dancing to rile up the crowd. Miz gains control with a couple of kicks but Big E catches him & starts spanking Miz. Miz breaks out & makes the tag to Morrison. Big E tags in Kofi as Kofi hits Morrison with a drop-kick & goes for the cover but Morrison kicks out at 2. Kofi tags Big E back in as Morrison calls for a time-out but Big E throws him out of the ring. Miz hits Big E with a kick as Big E falls out of the ring & Morrison lays him out with a corkscrew. The pair are back in the ring as Morrison tags in Miz. Miz hits Big E with a big boot then goes for the cover but Big E kicks out. Miz grounds Big E with a sleeper hold as Big E tries to stand-up & tag Kofi in, he breaks out of the hold but Miz tackles him away from tagging in Kofi. Morrison is tagged in & hits Big E with a spuer-kick after bouncing off of the top rope & goes for the cover which Big E kicks out of. Miz is back in as the legal man, Big E tosses Morrison out of the ring & plants Miz with a slam. He finally makes the hot-tag to Kofi as Miz also tags in Morrison. Kofi hits Morrison with a few kicks & a flying arm drag, he hits a frankensteiner & goes for the pin but Morrison is able to kick out. Kofi hits the “Boom-Drop” as Miz runs in the ring & gets immediately thrown out. Kofi goes for the “Trouble in Paradise” but Morrison reverses it with a slam & sliding knee combo then the cover but Kofi gets the shoulder up at a 2-count. Kofi hits the “SOS” on Morrison & goes for the cover but Morrison kicks out. Kofi tags in Big E & Kofi hits Morrison with a flying double knee from the top turnbuckle as Big E holds him up. Big E goes for the pin & Morrison again kicks out. Morrison is able to tag in Miz after Miz throws Kofi into the barricade. Miz hits Big E with a suplex & a pin but Big E kicks out. Morrison is tagged in & goes for “Starship Pain” but Big E rolls out of the way. Big E hits then hits the “Big Ending” but Morrison kicks out. Kofi goes for a suicide dive but Miz moves out of the way & Kofi takes a nasty spill on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Miz is the legal man now as he hits Big E with the “Skull-crushing Finale” but Big E kicks out after a 2-count. Miz keeps the offense coming with a few running knees to a cornered Big E but he’s able to get out of the way after Miz goes for one last knee. Big E makes a tag to Kofi then rolls out of the ring. Kofi goes for a diving move, Miz catches him for the “Skull Crushing Finale” but Kofi reverses it as he goes flying into the ropes but Morrison hits Kofi with a chair which the referee doesn’t see & Miz rolls him up for the win. NEW SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison.

Segment 4 – Angel Garza vs Humberto Carrillo. Before the match, the RAW Tag-Team Champions, Seth Rollins & Murphy are backstage hyping up their title match, later in the evening against The Street Profits. Garza & Carrillo make their entrances & the match begins. Carrillo takes it right to Garza with some high-flying offense outside of the ring then throws Garza back in the ring & goes for the cover but Garza kicks out at 1. Carrillo stays on the offensive as Garza switches up the momentum & does his famous pants tear-off before putting Carrillo in a “Camel Clutch”. Carrillo breaks the hold & drills Garza with a nasty super-kick then hits him with a step-up enziguri which Garza is able to kick out of the follow-up pin attempt at a 2-count. The pair exchange some offense & near pin-falls then Garza reverses a roll up attempt by Carrillo into his own roll-up pin & gets the 3-count for the victory.

Segment 5 – RAW Tag-Team Championships – Seth Rollins & Murphy (C) vs The Street Profits. Before the match, SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley is backstage hyping her title defense against Naomi, later on tonight. Rollins & Murphy & Street Profits both make their entrances. Angelo Dawkins & Buddy Murphy are starting this one off. Dawkins takes control right away with a spear on Murphy as Ford & Rollins rush the ring. The Profits hit Rollins & Murphy with a drop-kick apiece. The teams go back & forth for a bit before Rollins hits Ford with a “Falcon Arrow” & gets a near fall. Rollins throws Ford over his head but he lands on his feet & makes the hot-tag to Dawkins who takes out both Murphy & Rollins then hits Rollins with a power-bomb & follows it up with a cover which Rollins kicks out of. Dawkins makes the tag to Ford & Ford goes right for the cover but again, Rollins kicks out. Ford drills Rollins with a huge frog-splash from the top-rope but Rollins kicks out. Dawkins chucks Murphy over the announce table as Rollins throws Ford out of the ring & makes the tag to Murphy. Rollins & Murphy both got for a pedigree on their opponents but the Profits counter with a double-DDT as Rollins & Murphy roll out of the ring. Ford goes for a flip outside of the ring but Rollins & Murphy catch him & throw him into the ring post. Dawkins blasts both men outside of the ring & throws Murphy back in the ring as they are both the legal men. Rollins hits a stomp on Dawkins on the apron as the referee is distracted & Murphy pins Dawkins to retain the titles. STILL RAW Tag-Team Champions, Seth Rollins & Murphy.

Segment 6 – Mansoor vs Dolph Ziggler (with Robert Roode). Roode & Mansoor start arguing before the match starts as Mansoor hits Roode with a drop-kick & before Roode retaliates, the referee kicks him out of the match. Roode heads to the back & the match begins. Ziggler ground Mansoor with a headlock to slow the pace of the match down then drills Mansoor with a vicious clothesline. The two go back & forth for a few minutes then Mansoor picks up the easily predicted win with a moonsault from the top rope. After the match, Byron Saxton gets in the ring, congratulates Mansoor then hands him the microphone as Mansoor thanks his hometown Saudi Arabian crowd.

Segment 7 – WWE Championship – Brock Lesnar (C) (with Paul Heyman) vs Ricochet. A video package of the events leading up to the match precedes Ricochet’s entrance as he’s sporting some new ring gear. Then out comes the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar being flanked by his advocate, Paul Heyman. Heyman introduces himself & Lesnar & the bell rings. Ricochet goes flying toward Lesnar but gets caught & Lesnar hits a 3 straight German suplexes then stands over Ricochet & taunts him. Lesnar then hits an “F-5” & retains the title. STILL WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar.

Segment 8 – Steel Cage Match – Roman Reigns vs Baron Corbin. The match begins as Reigns starts chaining the cage door shut & Corbin attacks him from behind & the bell rings. Corbin starts going after Reigns with several heavy punches & kicks. Corbin throws Reigns against the cage wall a few times & keeps the offensive momentum going for a few minutes. Corbin lays Reigns out with a “Deep Six” & follows up with a cover but Reigns kicks out at 2. Corbin retrieves the door key from Reigns’ pocket but Reigns lays Corbin out before he can unlock it. Corbin blasts down a few elbows to Reigns as he goes back for the door but Reigns again drags him away. Corbin gets back on the offensive & lays out Reigns with some heavy ground & pound then yells at the referee to open the cage door. Corbin walks towards the open door but Reigns clings onto his leg & drags him back towards the middle of the ring but Corbin plants Reigns with a choke-slam & goes for the cover but Reigns kicks out. Corbin grabs the chain that he unlocked earlier in the match, wraps it around his fist & goes for a “Superman Punch” ala Roman Reigns but Reigns drills him with a “Superman Punch” of his own & goes for the pin but Corbin is able to kick out at 2. Reigns looks gassed as Corbin is the first to his feet & begins to climb the cage. Reigns is chasing after him as they both reach the top of the structure as the 2 trade some heavy blows. The pair climb back into the ring as they continue the back & forth shots. Corbin knocks Reigns off the wall & Reigns trips Corbin off, gets stuck on the ropes & Reigns lays him out with two straight “Superman Punches”. Reigns grabs the chain, wraps his fist with it & blasts Corbin with another “Superman Punch” & gets the victory.

Segment 9 – SmackDown Women’s Championship – Bayley (C) vs Naomi. The first ever Women’s championship match in Saudi Arabia is underway as Naomi lands some of her usual extremely athletic offense to the champion & goes for a quick pin attempt after landing a split-leg, leg-drop but Bayley kicks out & reverses the offensive momentum as she slows the pace of the match down considerably with shoulder hold. Naomi is back on offense after hitting her with a hurricarana as Bayle slips out of the ring to recover but Naomi takes her out at ringside with a corkscrew. The challenger throws the champion back into the ring but Bayley knocks Naomi back out of to ringside & drills her into the barricade as she taunts her opponent. Bayley throws Naomi back into the ring, goes for the cover & gets a 2-count before Naomi gets her shoulder up. Bayley locks in a headlock to ground Naomi but the challenger breaks out & goes for a sunset flip but Bayley lays her out with a nice clothesline & goes for the pin but Naomi stays alive. Bayley locks the headlock back in to a grounded Naomi as she taunts the Saudi crowd. Naomi finally breaks out & hits Bayley with a knee to the face then follows it up with a clothesline & jaw-breaker before hitting a springboard kick then she fires up the crowd. Naomi hits another knee to the midsection goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Naomi rolls her back up for another cover but Bayley again is able to kick out. Naomi applies a “Chicken-Wing” submission but Bayley rolls to the ropes to force the referee to break the count. Bayley hits a “Bayley to Belly” out of nowhere & goes for the cover but Naomi kicks out at 2. The pair trade some back & forth shots & some close pin attempts for a couple of minutes before Naomi misses a diving attempt & Bayley hits Naomi with a nifty little maneuver after locking Naomi’s legs in her shirt & picks up the win to retain her title. STILL SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley.

Segment 10 – Universal Championship – The Fiend (C) vs Goldberg. Time for our main event of the evening. We get a terrific video package of the last few weeks of build-up of this feud. Goldberg is out first to his vintage, amped-up entrance followed by the champion’s usual jaw-dropping, spectacle of an entrance with his custom title belt. Goldberg immediately hits a spear on The Fiend & The Fiend kicks out at 1 then applies a Mandible Claw. Goldberg breaks out, hits 3 straight spears & The Fiend kicks out again, applies another Mandible Claw, Goldberg again breaks out & hits a “Jackhammer” for the win. NEW Universal Champion, Goldberg. Goldberg celebrates with the title on the top turnbuckle as The Fiend stalks him from behind…the lights go out & The Fiend disappears as Goldberg continues his celebration as the show goes off the air.

It was a usual Saudi Arabia PPV…but this time, they effectively killed off the best character they’ve built in years in The Fiend.

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