WWE SummerSlam 2020 Results 8/23/20: Title Changes, Roman Reigns Returns

Written by Shannon Walsh

WWE SummerSlam 2020 results from Orlando, Florida at Amway Center on 8/23/20 live on the WWE Network:

This show is in the “Thunder Dome” concept that debuted Friday night on Smackdown. Fans on cam from their home will make up the “virtual crowd” on screen.

Charly Caruso is the Kickoff Show host. The panel is Booker T., Renee Young, JBL, and Peter Rosenberg.

Caruso acknowledged that Young is leaving without going into details. She put Young over as a woman who paved the way for her and other women announcers in WWE. She said Young was the first female commentator. That’s not true. Mike McGuirk did commentary with Bruce Prichard back in the 1980s for WWF Prime Time Wrestling on USA Network and the syndicated WWF Spotlight at times. Perhaps she meant to say first female interviewer or the first female Raw commentator. Young admitted this was her “last hurrah” with the company.

Zelina Vega, Andrade, and Angel Garza were interviewed backstage. Vega continued to deny poisoning Montez Ford of The Street Profits a couple weeks ago. She said he’s fine now so it doesn’t matter.

Sonya Deville vs. Mandy Rose is no longer a hair vs. hair match. It’s a No Disqualification Loser Leaves WWE stipulation.

Rey Misterio, Dominik Misterio, and Angie Misterio (Rey’s wife) were shown entering the building. Dominik looked around nervously thinking about his match debut against Seth Rollins tonight.

Shayna Baszler walked up and interrupted the panel after they previewed the two women’s title matches coming up tonight. She said she only cares about who wins the Raw Women’s Title because she’s the next challenger. Caruso said she heard Nia Jax says she should be next in line for a title opportunity. Baszler said when Jax returns from suspension they can do something about it. Looks like it set up a future #1 con. match.

Apollo Crews did a taped backstage promo. He joked that MVP shouldn’t be concerned that Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin are banned from ringside for their match. He said with the ThunderDome they can cheer and support MVP by camera in the crowd.

U.S. Champion Apollo Crews pinned MVP with a powerbomb in the free Kickoff match. Benjamin and Lashley ran out immediately after to try to attack Crews but he was quickly able to escape both of them.

The Kickoff Show closed with Renee Young thanking everyone and saying goodbye to the WWE Universe.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley pinned Asuka with an inside cradle after Asuka accidentally collided into Sasha Banks with a hip attack on the ring as Banks tried to interfere. Bayley and Banks gave Asuka a double team slam afterwards. Asuka will face Banks for the Raw Women’s Title later on.

The Misterio Family was shown in the locker room. Dominik told Rey he didn’t want him to get involved in the match with Seth Rollins because he needed to be a man on his own. Rey reluctantly agreed and gave his word that he would not interfere.

Kevin Owens came out as guest commentator with the Raw broadcast team for the Raw Tag Team Titles match.

The Street Profits did an old 1980s picture in picture taped promo talking about bringing the smoke.

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) beat Angel Garza and Andrade when Ford pinned Garza after a twisting frog splash. The finish came when Graza accidentally super kicked Ford into Zelina Vega who tried to interfere on the ring exactly like Sasha Banks in the previous match. Andrade went to the floor to check on Vega’s condition and Garza was left alone in the match.

Owens said The Kevin Owens Show will be back on Raw tomorrow. Aleister Black will be his guest.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Sasha Banks and Bayley in a special ring interview stage set up in the venue. The champions bragged about Bayley beating Asuka and said Banks will make it a clean sweep later. Bayley had an actual broom with her to get the point across. She said next week on the special PayBack pay-per-view they will defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles but she didn’t say who it would be against.

Mandy Rose pinned Sonya Deville after a double under hook face buster and a running knee strike in the No DQ Loser Leaves WWE match. Otis came out after to celebrate with Rose.

Seth Rollins pinned Dominik Misterio after a crub stomp in a Street Fight. This was a cluster. Dominik was accompanied to the ring by Rey and Rollins had Buddy Murphy in his corner. The heels were going to handcuff Dominik to the ropes and beat him with a kendo stick. Rey obeyed Dominik’s request not to get involved. Then Angie came out but Rey cut her off and begged her not to get involved. The heels were going to ram Dominik’s eye into the ring steps. Rey had enough and decided to brawl with the heels to save his son. Rollins and Murphy beat him down. Angie was still on the stage watching in horror. Rollins and Murphy handcuffed Rey to the ropes and were going to go after Angie with kendo sticks but Dominik recovered to make the save. Rey remained handcuffed until the end of the match unable to help his son in the end.

Asuka won the Raw Women’s Title from Sasha Banks by Asuka Lock submission. Bayley got on the ring to try to help Banks but she ducked out of the way not to collide with Asuka’s hip attack unlike Banks did in the opening match. The announcers hyped the Bayley chose not to “take the bullet” for Banks but Banks did for her. They wondered if the women’s tag champs will continue to have tensions next week at PayBack when they defend the titles.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre pinned Randy Orton with a backslide after countering out of Orton’s RKO attempt. Orton was bleeding noticeably from the forehead during the match.

A video aired announcing Keith Lee coming to Raw tomorrow night. He lost the NXT Title to Karrion Kross last night on NXT Takeover Thirty.

The Fiend won the WWE Universal Title from Braun Strowman in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Strowman brought in a box cutter and used it to cut up the ring mat to expose the wood underneath it. The Fiend rushed him and gave him a Rock Bottom followed up by two Sister Abigails for the pin. Strowman had a bloody cut on his head from being rammed into the stage wall in the match.

Roman Reigns returned to WWE and gave The Fiend a spear after the match. He then went to the floor and gave Strowman a spear and hit him with a chair. He went back in the ring and gave The Fiend another spear and held the Universal Title up as a taunt. Reigns had been staying home for several months out of concerns over the virus pandemic after having previous battles with cancer.

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