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WWE SmackDown Review

Written by Colby Faria

February 14th’s edition of WWE SmackDown from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia has wrapped up & had a few very interesting moments mixed throughout.

Let’s delve into all of the action…

Segment 1 – The show opens with a Valentine’s Day edition of “A Moment of Bliss” with Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross. The pair introduce their guest for the evening, the # 1 contender for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Carmella. They congratulate Carmella for her victory, last week & said they were shocked that she pulled it off. They show a few photos of Carmella & Bayley together as they were formerly friends. Carmella blames the end of their friendship on Bayley’s best-friend, Sasha Banks as Bayley makes her way out to interrupt the interview. Bayley says Carmella is nauseating & that Sasha’s not to blame, she is. She goes on to say Carmella is a loser & has no shot in their match, later tonight. The pair get in each other’s face & they agree to not wait for later tonight & have their match right now.

Segment 2 – SmackDown Women’s Championship, Bayley (C) vs Carmella. Bayley goes right after Carmella once the bell rings to a host of boos from the Vancouver crowd. Bayley garners some offense for a couple of minutes. Carmella is able to break free & slap Bayley out of nowhere, then hits a couple of drop kicks for a quick 2-count. Carmella keeps the momentum for awhile before Bayley throws her to the corner & unloads with some kicks to the midsection of the challenger. We have some more back & forth for a few minutes as the pair spills back into the ring where Carmella locks in the ‘Code of Silence’ submission which Bayley ends up breaking out of, Carmella tries to reapply the submission as Bayley pushes off of the ropes for leverage & pins Carmella to retain her title. After the match, Bayley attacks Carmella & Naomi comes down to the ring to make the save as the pair get after Bayley.

Segment 3 – Kayla Braxton is shown backstage as she catches up with Bayley who reveals she will defend her title at the upcoming PPV in Saudi Arabia & says it doesn’t matter who her opponent is because nobody can touch her.

Segment 4 – Otis is shown backstage as he prepares for his date with Mandy Rose & is visibly nervous. Tucker comes over & says Mandy is running late & tries to calm Otis down as Otis says he wonders if Mandy actually likes him.

Segment 5 – Handicap Match, Sheamus vs Shorty G & Apollo Crews. The bell rings & Gable & Crews attack Sheamus right away. The pair keeps momentum as Sheamus breaks the double team & unloads on Shorty G, Crews makes a self-tag & dropkicks Sheamus into the corner. The pair keeps momentum for awhile & then we get some back & forth between the 3 competitors before Sheamus throws Crews into the ring post & delivers the ‘Brogue Kick’ for the victory.

Segment 6 – Kayla Braxton is again shown backstage as she’s with Carmella & they talk about her recent match to start the night. Carmella says she deserves a rematch & tells WWE & FOX officials to name a time & place because she will be there & become the next WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Segment 7 – Michael Cole & Corey Graves interview Hulk Hogan via satellite who hypes up the NWO’s upcoming WWE Hall of Fame induction, during WrestleMania weekend. Cole then asks Hogan about Goldberg’s upcoming match against the Universal Champion, The Fiend, Bray Wyatt. As Hogan is talking, we cut to a Firefly Funhouse segment as Bray Wyatt starts to do some of Hogan’s old monikers. Hogan tells Wyatt to be careful because he knows how powerful Goldberg truly is. Wyatt shows us photo of Hogan with his eyes crossed out like The Fiend’s other victims. Hogan looks very uncomfortable & cuts the segment short as he walks off the set. & Wyatt waves goodbye to Goldberg as the segment ends.

Segment 8 – Cesaro & Sami Zayn are show in the ring. They talk about how they’ve been the victims of injustice over the past couple of weeks & say they’re going to perform a protest in the form of a song. Elias interrupts as he says he’s staging a counter protest as Zayn asks for security to escort Elias out of the ring. Zayn & Cesaro start to sing as the crowd begins to boo loudly. Zayn cuts the performance short & starts to roast the Vancouver crowd. Then the pair turns their attention to Elias as they begin to attack him. Braun Strowman comes to Elias’ aid & makes the save.

Segment 9 – We see Mandy Rose alone at her table at a restaurant awaiting the arrival of Otis. Otis finally arrives & asks the host if he has seen a “Peach” & the host shows Otis where Mandy is seated. As Otis makes his way to the table he sees Dolph Ziggler seated at the table with Mandy & is visibly shaken up as he walks out.

Segment 10 – The Miz & John Morrison vs Roman Reigns & Mystery Partner. Miz and Morrison come out & work over the crowd talking down on Roman Reigns as Reigns interrupts & announces his mystery partner…which is Daniel Bryan. Before the match begins, we see Baron Corbin walking down to his seat as he’s purchased a ticket to the event since he was banned from the arena for attacking a producer, last week. The match finally begins as we get some offense from the heels then we get some back & forth for awhile. There’s some really good offense as per usual from Daniel Bryan before Miz mocks the “YES!” chants & waits for Reigns to get up, Reigns flies towards him & surprises Miz with a “Superman Punch” then follows up with a spear as he picks up the win for his team. After the match, Corbin rushes to the ring & blasts Reigns with a scepter & stands tall over Reigns as his music begins playing & the show goes off the air.

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