The feud between Edge and Seth Rollins has been an epic one and their next match is likely going to top everything they’ve done so far.

After Rollins broke into Edge’s house last week on Smackdown, the Rated-R Superstar returned to Smackdown and beat down Rollins. Just before he put him in a cross face with a lead pipe, Rollins escapes. Edge then grabbed the microphone and issued a challenge.

Edge and Seth Rollins were set to face off at Crown Jewel and the fact that this match will now take place inside Hell in a Cell will only enhance the feud a few notches.

If in fact the match will happen at Crown Jewel, it will be the third installment of the feud. Edge won round one at Summerslam back in August and Rollins won round two last month on Smackdown at Madison Square Garden.

With their chemistry in the ring and given how amazing the storyline has been between these two dating back to July when Rollins cost Edge the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns, the Hell in a Cell match that will take place in two weeks is going to be amazing.


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