WWE Raw Results: Jeff Hardy Delivers A Scary And Dangerous Swanton Bomb

Tonight on WWE Raw, Jeff Hardy and Elias competed in a Symphony of Destruction match. What is that you ask? It is basically a regular no disqualification match, except there are musical instruments surrounding the ring. Obviously a ‘rift’ on Elias as the self proclaimed musician (Jeff too). As my buddy says, he is more of a singer than a wrestler at this point. Either way, the match was actually more physically brutal, than comedic and goofy.

The two legitimately beat the crap out of each other. I know I didn’t expect to see that on RAW within the first hour. This felt like a hokey, cartoonish style thing on paper but nope, kudos to Elias and Hardy! This was pretty darn good. Unfortunately, a lot of viewers were not smiling after the match, even though fan favorite Jeff Hardy was victorious.

During the closing stretch, Elias was laid out on a table near the ringside area with a bunch of small guitars on top of him. Jeff Hardy climbed to the top rope and hit his patented Swanton Bomb all the way to the outside on top of Elias. CRASH! Table broke, one, two, three. Match over, fans celebrate, right?


Upon impact, you could clearly see Jeff Hardy’s head hit the ringside steel steps right next to the table. The back of his head was the immediate worry, not about Elias or any kind of match result. Here is a good look at the scary moment at the 2:20 mark:

Ouch, ouch, ouch.

That is a true moment where you can only hope and pray that he is okay. You immediately cover your mouth with your hand and gasp. Lucky for all of us, it appeared to be a ‘near miss’ only. Jeff was conscious and celebrating within seconds as if nothing even happened. Hopefully, it just LOOKED bad. The last thing we need is a 43 year old Jeff Hardy getting a concussion…or worse. According to a post-match interview for the WWE YouTube channel, Jeff appears to be just fine. Looked worse than it was.

I hope so. 

Regardless of the outcome, that does open up a new can of worms: Why was Jeff Hardy doing a top rope Swanton Bomb to the outside through a table on a random episode of RAW? Age 43 or 23, it is a high risk maneuver. The fact remains he is in his 40’s now, even if he doesn’t want to admit it. or WWE. Whoever made the final call, it seems a little wild to be doing this. If it were WrestleMania and a major moment in a major moment, heck yeah! I am all for SAFE high risk and impactful moves being done in professional wrestling. That is just part of the game, especially for the Extreme Enigma.

Now? In 2020? With no fans? On a random opening match on cable television with no hype and no stakes?

The risk is just not worth the reward here. Thankfully, we all dodged a bullet. Best to move forward and use better judgment next time. Jeff Hardy is a star. Elias is a star. They didn’t need to do that for our entertainment. Just my opinion. Save it for a bigger and better opportunity please.

What do YOU think?

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